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A Tamarind Terrace Restaurant offers casual, all-day alfresco dining featuring Thai and Indochinese specialties. Part of the award-winning Tamarind Restaurant chain, Tamarind Terrace continues to provide patrons with delicious, quality cuisine. Guests are also able to select from a specially-prepared Western menu

Crystal clear waters grace us. Turtles, fish, shark have all been sighted in our bay.
Tioman is a gazetted marine park and consequently is the center for many of the region's scuba diving enthusiasts. Numerous islands dot this stunning archipelago - each no more than a simple daytrip away and all holding the promise of larger aquatic thrills.

Our Lazy Sunset Sessions present the perfect opportunity to unwind even further.
Relax on the beach and enjoy the cool evening breeze while chilling out to some ambient music. The tropical sun goes down even better when accompanied by a predinner drink or two.

Night brings on torch-lit beach barbeques supplied with fresh catches from JapaMala's very own fisherman. If you're feeling a little adventurous, you might like to try catching your own supper off our jetty!
Whoever supplies the catch of the day, of one thing you can be sure - fresh seafood is guaranteed!
Beach BBQs are available on alternate nights



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